My name is Catrina and two years ago, I had everything figured out. Really! I knew where I was going and I knew how I was going to get there.  I was going to move mountains.

Then I took a trip to Germany, met a fella’, fell in love, packed up my former life and moved to Berlin. Now I am tackling (head and heart on) the crazy and unbelievable challenges and adventures that life as an immigrant/expat provides. It has been quite the humbling experience, but I am (pretty sure) that I am growing as a person.

My passion for food and gardening has and will continue to play a pivotal role in this evolution.

As it turns out, the German kitchen is not really my kitchen (although it does have its merits). I happen to love food too much not to enjoy a wider variety of flavors, so I am learning how to make everything that I miss myself. As such, my teeny tiny kitchen and I spend a great deal of time together. Some of my favorite successes are fresh sweet cherry pie with brown sugar & cinnamon sugar, potato soup, and roasted radishes.

Then there is the garden. It is 475m2 and a completely new experience. We received it as a “gift” after the elderly couple that was leasing the land decided it was just too much work. Well, it has been quite a lot of work. It was completely wild and covered in weeds on the first day. Since then, I have installed 14 semi-raised beds that I am using to find the most efficient way to bio-intensively grow fruits and vegetables by using inter-planting and companion planting techniques. I seem to be doing something right, because I harvested a completely organic broccoli head that weighed 1364 grams this year (2015)!

My goal for 2016 is to start a small horticultural business (also called The Sunshine Is Ours, but in German – Der Sonnenschein Gerhört Uns) that sells fresh produce, plants and seeds. I am hoping to use the lessons from the garden to develop ways to grow foods more efficiently in urban spaces as a part of my student project for the Integrated Natural Resource master’s program at Humboldt Universitӓt zu Berlin.

And then we come to The Sunshine Is Ours! This blog is the casual side of my life experiences where I write about:

  • Gardening tips, tricks and general information
  • Tasty low-cost recipes and nutrition advice
  • Tales of travels in Europe (well, so far only Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic – but that will be expanded in the near future!)
  • Interesting information about nature and all her bounties
  • And other fun and exciting things along the way!

So, thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. I look forward to sharing my adventures and hope to learn from those who are kind enough to share their stories with me.

Sincerely Yours,



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