woe is me, the sad tale of yellow tomato plants

8 days.  8 days past the last expected day of frost here in eastern Germany.  I am 8 days late in planting my tomato plants.  I think the poor tomato plants are suffering for it.  They have yellow leaves.  I am (practically) brokenhearted about it (we have to accept a great deal of what if’s in the world of gardening…it may just be half the fun).  Last year the tomatoes were growing like weeds.  They grew out of their britches faster than a teenager in a growth spurt.  This year they are just sad.  I am not sure what is up with that.  It may be my new growing set-up.  The light may be wrong – too much or not enough.  It could be that the soil blocking method that I decided to test out this year is not so amazing after all. Or I could have made the soil blocking mix wrong.  The poor tomato plants could have burnt roots.  

If the problem is not the soil, it may in fact be that the plants were missing my constant doting.  The plants last year were really looked after (i.e., almost excessively), but everything is currently a bit more busy (and exciting) than last year.  However, if that were the case, I would be beyond flattered.  

That being said, while the plants looked 100% better last year, they also got the bajeezus burned out of them and they still did fantastically – at least the ones that didn’t get swallowed up by the nasturtiums (see nasturtiums will take over garden).  This means that there is still hope.  Maybe there is always hope.  It could be that a few obstacles in the way simply allow for the development of an unexpected strength.  Not sure, but it is certainly a possibility.  

Now it is time to trust that the plants will thrive in their new environment.  Everything that they need is there.  They can relax their roots a little and let the sun shine down. Plus, it’s supposed to be only half sunny the next days, so it should be a perfect transitional environment.  Only time will tell and somehow that doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world.

four sad tomato plants being protected by a wall of onion plants
8 more sad tomato plants (which all still have plenty of potential)

One thought on “woe is me, the sad tale of yellow tomato plants

  1. Good luck. It’s often a gamble with gardening. Were these grown from last years’s seeds? Did you sprout them? Did you buy from the same grower? Same variety? Our to atoes struggled last year but this year they seem peachy. We actually had a few jalapenos to “Winter over” and have cone back with a vengeance-and I do mean vengeance. They are full of seeds and gnarly hot. But one of my happy roses has black spot so we have to kick that quickly before it spreads. I hope your little to atoes flourish.

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