just another garden update

I have been extremely happy in the past few weeks.  We had some great weather and I have been really busy and I really like being busy.  Well that and the whole social dynamic of my life is changing in what may be the best way possible.  Then there is the garden.  I get so excited about beans and flowers and all sorts of things that grow – so much so that normal people often roll their eyes at  me.  I am so lucky to have the garden because it is like my real life fantasy laboratory. It just excites my soul.  Now things just keep on growin’ although I have had some troubles with my pepper seedlings, but they are still under the grow lights.

The foundation for my potato bean plant experiment.  There are 50 potato plants and about 80 bean plants.  I have to get the other mixed culture plants planted ASAP.  Hopefully Thursday after the end of the Open-bio conference and before my block seminar starts on Friday.
Random orange flower to brighten up a still rather brown landscape
The last of the tulips
My onion wall is starting to sprout.  They will serve as protection against any unwanted visitors.
The never-ending strawberry plants that are slowly taking over the garden (and I kinda like it!).
My favorite time of year: forget-me-not season with blankets of blue everywhere.
The peas are finally starting to take off.  I can’t wait to make a pea shoot salad when I think the plants out.
I made some makeshift garden beds for the overwintered onions.
The chives are getting ready to bloom!  I love chive blooms -there is just something about purple and green together.
I discovered perennial hairy vetch.  This is so good as it enriches the soil.  If it is growing wild in the garden, it means that the soil in the garden is very healthy!
My mixed bed is finally coming together.  I planted strawberries, lemon balm, chives and petunias.
In addition to the hairy vetch, I have been finding clover all over (which is double cool because it rhymes).  My soil must really be happy!
I finally got a shot of the woodpecker I have been stalking!
The leeks are going to bloom!  The leeks are going to bloom!

Happy Gardening!


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