a slow start in the garden

It is without a doubt springtime.  It is supposed to be nothing but blue skies and sunshine for the next few days.   It also happens to be a holiday here in Germany which means I am going to go and spend a few days in the garden.  I certainly need to.  This year I am just not on the ball.  Last year I diligently traveled there every Saturday at the crack of dawn and worked until it was practically dark and I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore.   Maybe it is because this year I am busier or because I feel more confident in my abilities, like if I relax a bit that it won’t be the end of the world.  The plants will still grow.  Still, I have gotten a bit done (maybe not as much as I would like) and I am feeling good about the coming year.

Here is whats growin’ on in my garden:

My potatoes are planted.  This year I planted 50 plants.


The asparagus is growing.  I would really like to eat some of it (I tried some of the branches that you will bloom and they tasted amazing), but I am giving the plants one more year to establish themselves.


The cherry tree is blossoming.  I am already so happy that I have a cherry pitter this year.  I will be looking forward to making pies.  Unfortunately, I did not prune the trees as I had wanted.  This is a project for the long weekend.


I have new really awesome shovels and a pair of gloves!


I planted 1 bed with 20 different types of seeds.  I am really excited about how that may turn out.  Hopefully beneficial friendly, beautiful and delicious.


Onions and a slew of other root vegetables are planted.  I am hoping to produce enough of my own onions for the year this year.  Last year I ran out around Christmas time.


I was finally able to use all the egg shells I have been saving in the freezer all winter (for the tomatoes who really like a bit of extra calcium).


I had a visitor who I ALMOST chopped in half with a shovel (by accident, of course!!!). Luckily, I noticed him.  I would have felt awful.


The fall planted Brussel sprouts bolted, unfortunately.  They got thrown on the compost pile.


The peas are starting to grown (I got them sown about 2 weeks too late, sadly).


And that is what is going on in my garden life.  I will head there today for a few days. Looking forward to it.  Lots to do – build more trellises and maybe a greenhouse frame, weed, organize, prune trees, etc.

Wish me luck and have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “a slow start in the garden

  1. Good luck – your garden looks awesome! So far I only have snap peas and radishes outside, so you’re waaay ahead of me! I am going to try growing brussel sprouts for the first time this year, I still have the seedlings indoors. Looking forward to seeing more updates!

    1. Oh! I so so so want to grow my own Brussel sprouts. I love them so much, but never get them planted at the right time. I hope they don’t bolt on you when it gets warm. Good luck in the garden and have a super duper day!

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