a long overdue garden update

The past month has been beyond hectic and also a little bit fun.  Unfortunately, somewhere in all the chaos that is life I had no time to write.  I have also been slacking on my garden duties, but that is life.  Now things have calmed down a bit and I would like to get to it again.

last time in the garden

Things are really good right now.  I feel happy and proud for the first time in quite a while.

My plants are doing well.  I also sold 18 of them.  It is not so many, but it is a start!

1 week ago

The flower pots that I have been constructing are functional although I have broken a few, because I get so excited to see how a new recipe is working I take it out of the mold too soon.  They are sort of ugly and I would like to buy some bio paint or some dye, but it’s kind of expensive.  Something for the future.  I think they will be better when the plants bloom as well.


The new semester is also starting.  Last one ended quite well.  I earned all A’s (to date, I haven’t gotten my grades back from my economics course and that may not be so great) for my first semester at the university.  I am hoping the learning in the upcoming courses employ a more complex learning technique.

Today I will (finally) go to the garden and lay the foundation for my experiment for this year.  I am planting 6 beds (10×4) with potatoes and a mix of others plants to examine the beneficial properties that intercropping has to offer.  I am hoping that the data that I collect this year can be used to support my application for grant money to develop the project on a larger scale for my master’s thesis.  I have decided on the variety “Belana”. They are an early type potato that is an improvement on the “Linda” classic.  Their storage qualities are reportedly excellent.  I will also see how my test plot using self-made seed tapes works.  I am crossing my fingers.

Last time I was in the garden, I transplanted a whole bunch of strawberry plants that had effectively taken over the asparagus patch.  After sticking them in as many random places in the garden as I could, I put the rest in plastic pots from previous years’ purchases.  I am hoping that they didn’t all die of dehydration since I haven’t been there in quite awhile.

what will i do with all of these strawberry plants?

And when I sit here and write about everything I realize that am happy.  But, I can barely catch my breath.  I am afraid that everything will come falling down if I make the wrong choice.  I feel like I am half living on a cloud. I ask myself if I really deserve to feel this way. I ask myself if I make one false move…will everything will fall apart?  But, as I have come to learn a little bit of fresh air will help me to clear my head.  I will be able to find the answers I seek.


7 thoughts on “a long overdue garden update

  1. It looks like you will have plenty of produce. I suffer a bit from worrying about outcomes in the garden and don’t get round to planting enough. It’s so good to be outdoors though. Too rainy today though!

    1. I hope I am able to get lots of produce. Last year was much more successful than expected. We will see how it goes.

      Hopefully it is sunny wherever you are today and you can get outside to enjoy the nature!

  2. Feel exactly the same. Exhilarated by the projects and challenges bur also slightly overwhelmed. I take a quiet moment every day to remind myself that I chose this life and that under all the crazy, I love it. Wish I had more time to write!

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