lets go to warnemünde

Warnemünde is a quaint little town located on the Baltic Sea.  It is the closest access point to the sea when travelling from Berlin.  It embraces the FKK (i.e. nude beach) culture and offers fresh fish daily – just watch out for the seagulls as they will literally steal the fish right out of your Fischbrötchen.

There is not a whole lot to do in this little town in terms of museums and cultural outings, but it is a nice place to visit for a few days -especially if you bring your bike and plan to visit some of the surrounding towns which all have their own little piece of culture to offer.  Warnemünde is, however, the former home to Edvard Munch (the Scream) and his former abode is available to tour.  It is also home to the new center for research on Ostsee (Baltic Sea) marine ecology.   You can  even catch a super cheap ferry to Denmark.  This past weekend there were (very surprisingly) two warships to tour (from Spain and Great Britain) which is an undeniably unique experience.


So, if you like fresh fish, beaches and quaint little towns where there is plenty of shopping to be done, visit Warnemünde.   But, a word to the wise, this is not the most child-friendly place in the world.  It is more of a resort town with things like a fancy spa, etc.  As such, if you are looking for something for the 3 feet and under crowd, you may prefer to visit Kühlungsborn which has a lot more for the little ones to do.

there are lighthouses
there is a long sandy beach for (romantic) strolls with loved ones


they support the arts here
there is one park in Warnemünde
the church in the center of town. one saturdays there is a “big” market with lots of regional meat specialties

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