seed starting 2016: round 1

I spent almost a week waiting for a package that had already been delivered.  Somehow I never got the delivery slip.  I was about ready to go crazy.  Didn’t these people know that I have seeds to start!?

Now everything is settled and I have the ingredients that I need for the soil blocking recipe that I am trying out.  My recipe is:

3 parts coconut coir
4 parts compost
1 part sand
1 part rock dust/sand
enough water to make the mixture wet, but not too wet – you should be able to form a ball with it and it should not drip unless you squeeze really hard

To make the soil blocks, mix your ingredients, press the blocker into your soil mixer, twist a few times and then  press the soil blocks out in your seed tray.






I used my microblocker to make 240 little microblocks.  They fit in a 12×12″/30x30cm trays.  I know it seems like a lot, but some of the plants are hard to germinate types and there are always some losses.  I am hoping for a 70% success rate.  This time I started Alaska Daisy, Echinacea, Hyssop, Spilanthes, Lemon Mint, Prairie Sage,  Wild Bergamont, Zaatar Oregano, Stevia, Ancho, California Wonder, Anaheim and Jalapeno peppers, Tiny Tim Tomato, Blue Vervain, Pac Choi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale.



I made a chart for my first round and I estimated 12 of each type of plant.  This was a mistake.  For the next round I will identify the types of plants I want to grow and fill in the chart as I go.  I will also plant plants in increments of 5 so that it is even and therefore easier.  Also, seed sowing is apparently tedious work regardless of how they are sown.  I want to get one of those little seed dispensers for small seed types.  Maybe then it will be a tad bit easier.


The mix seems to work pretty well.  I was able to move it around a bit and it seems to be holding up.  I am looking forward to the results and seeing how the microblocks transfer to the next size up.  Next week I will start the next 240 seeds with a focus on tomatoes.

Happy Gardening!




One thought on “seed starting 2016: round 1

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your project has inspired me … I just finished my own indoor grow set-up, but it’s so low tech compared to yours. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who struggles with getting seeds where I want them to go. Good luck!

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