a small-town girl in the big city

When I was younger, I hated living in the middle of nowhere. I wanted neighbors under the age of 60 and a place to rollerblade.  I resented the cows that outnumbered the residents of my hometown at something like 7 to 1. 

And not only did our family live in the woods, we also happened to vacation in the woods. I was indescribably jealous of the people who went to places like Disney World for vacation.  That was just something that we didn’t do.  It just wasn’t our “thing”.

Little did I know that later in life I would end up living in one of the major metropolitan areas of the world and long for the days of quiet peacefulness and solitude.  And like the song goes, “We don’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone”.  I never knew just how big of a part of me nature would become – nor would I have believed you if you had tried to convince me of this fact.

But its true. I miss the quiet beauty of the woods more than words can describe. I long for the unique loneliness of a late afternoon walk through the forest with an ache that does not dull. 


Still, there are a few of these special moments in the urban life and one must truly enjoy these moments because they are seldom and often too far apart.

I had the fortune to recently enjoy one of these days on a semi-lazy Sunday kissed with the frost of a too-soon-to fade-away winter. I even had some very nice company.  It was special.


I try to make a note of these occasions because we sometimes get ahead of ourselves, go too fast and forget to breathe. This is especially true in the city where everyone moves a little bit hastier and life gets lost in the hustle and bustle of things. But if we forget these moments, we may just be missing out on the good things in life.


Maybe that was what I was lucky enough to learn in my time in the woods.  I simply hope that is a lesson that I never forget – even living in a big city so far away from what will always be a part of me.



2 thoughts on “a small-town girl in the big city

  1. Most of us have to “grow into” appreciation for some of the quieter things in life. It’s part of the journey. My parents took Summer vacations to the Ozark Mountains every Year and, while we had gr at fun as small children, once I became a teen I wanted to remain in the city with my friends. Of course later on I wish the old family home was still there to take my own change ldren to. But I have wonderful memories.

  2. I felt the same way when I lived in the city. The days spent at parks were the most special of all. Gardening certainly helps with nature longing too. Great pictures! Kinda what I expected Berlin to look like.

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