brunch, an all-day affair

If you’re anything like me, you love breakfast.  There is just something special about the delicious mix of sweet and savory flavors that make the morning special.  One bite into a breakfast sandwich can be a game-changer.  So, you can imagine my disappointment upon coming to Germany and realizing they do not eat hot breakfast – unless of course you consider a pair of hot dogs, a roll and mustard your ideal hot breakfast.  No, in Germany they eat some very interesting things for breakfast.  One of the most notable is raw ground pork with chopped onions on a half a roll.  It is called Mettwurst and I have not convinced myself to try it.  I mean no cultural disrespect, but gross.  I draw the line at raw meat.


So, after my initial let-down, you can imagine my delight when discovering that all-day brunch is a thing here.  Not only that, but the brunches are buffets.  This means lounging in a restaurant, chitchatting and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones with (basically) unlimited food.  It is totally un-German in the sense that that in Germany you can’t even put your own mustard on your hot dog out of fear that you might get more/less than the guy before you (so all you folks who like your food swimming in extra mayo, ranch, etc…Germany may not be the culinary destination for you…).


This past weekend, my fella and I decided that brunch might be something that we would enjoy together.  We went to Tempo Box on Simon-Dach-Straße.  This was partly because I had read that they are open earlier for business (9am instead of 10am) and partly because they still had free tables (a word to the wise: if you want to eat Sunday brunch in Friedrichshain – you better get there are 9am or you better have a reservation!).


My first impression was a good one.  The service personnel were extremely friendly and even cracked a few jokes.  Then I saw the food.  I was quite surprised.  Normally, for brunch there is a very limited selection of hot foods.  Instead, the primary focus is the normal bread with cheese, salami, etc.  However, this restaurant had a waffle iron (just don’t expect syrup) and 8 different hot dishes ranging from scrambled eggs to creamed spinach.  There were also the typical yogurts, hard-boiled eggs, salads and lunch meats.  I was quite pleased with the selection and I am usually pretty hard to impress (at least culinary-wise).


We sat there for about 3 hours grazing on the goods.  When we finally decided to go, we paid our bill (about 15 Euros per person – 10 for the food and 5 for drinks) and our server told us that were were more than welcome to spend the whole day.  How friendly.  This is definitely a restaurant I would visit again.

When we were done, we drove to a different part of the city and went for a walk before picking up our new chairs (yay for Ebay classifieds!).  All in all, it was a very successful Sunday – one that I would be very happy to repeat in the future.

IMG_20160117_115419301snowy sunday walk


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