a turkey egg + fresh chorizo

Eating new foods is a lot like space travel.  We all get to feel a bit like John Luc Picard – boldly going where no man has gone before.  This is, of course, not necessarily accurate as it is highly likely that someone, somewhere has already eaten whatever it is that we have eaten.  

Still, it makes the day feel a little special because we don’t often get to do new things everyday. We have our habits.  We have our norms.  We have our favorite dish at the local pizzeria.  This is not bad – life would be crazy if we couldn’t find some order.  Still, something new can be quite a treat.  A new (and hopefully delicious) experience for the senses.  


My food adventure for the day was my very first turkey egg.  It weighed 133 grams (in comparison with the 56 gram chicken egg).  They cost .95 Euro per piece.  To be quite honest, it tasted pretty much the same as chicken eggs.  It did, however, have two yolks – both of which are a creamy yellow that indicate that the turkey ate real food, rather than nutritional supplements.  


I paired the egg with hand-made chorizo sausage.  I purchased one link as it cost 1.25 Euro per piece.  I had never had fresh chorizo before.  It was amazzzzing.  Totally worth the 1.25 Euro, plus it was so tasty that I only needed to use half of the link which means it can be added to something else later.  Double bonus.  I will be buying this again next week. 



And of course some homemade bread, some fruits and veggies because, well, they’re delicious!

Happy Wednesday!


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