date night: markthalle neuen, berlin, germany

This year is going to be the year of different.  The year of better.  Better food, better people, better job, better me.  A part of that means using my time to do things that I really want to do and not things that I think I should be doing.  It won’t be easy because it is really hard to change habits.  Like really hard.

Still, I hope this will lead to less frowning, more smiling and an overall increase in happy, positive thoughts.

One of those steps is improving my relationship with my other half.  I want it to be meaningful in that I start to share myself more.  I want to integrate more of the things that are important to me into the relationship.  Food is one of those things.  So, this past week we went to Markthalle Neun here in Kreuzberg.  It is more or less a bunch of indoor food stands (thank goodness because it has been freeeezing) that serve handmade dishes sourced from regionally produced goods (for the most part) mixed with a few places to buy fancy schmancy groceries.

We bought three different dishes to try.

The first was a cider soaked steak served on toast with an onion jelly and a whole grain mustard sauce.


The steak was cooked melt in your mouth, cut it with a spoon perfect.  The cider gave it an interestingly sweet tang.  The mustard sauce could have used a bit more pizzazz, but overall it was a tasty option.  I think that 6 Euros was 1 Euro too many.  It was a 5 Euro sandwich or at least it could have come with a few chips.

The second (and my personal favorite) was an Asian style pork belly taco/burger in a super soft bun.  It was melt in your mouth tasty.  A blend of salty and spicy with a twist of sweet.  Totally worth the 5 Euros.


The final was a beef “Reuben”.  It was “200 hour” beef on whole grain bread with coleslaw, cucumber and thousand island dressing.


I personally thought it was just okay.  It needed more seasoning and sauce.  The cucumbers were overwhelming.  The coleslaw just wasn’t really coleslaw.  Plus, it needed some cheese and a bit more sauce. The arugula just didn’t belong.  Disappointing at 7.50 Euros (although it looked really nice!) and shouldn’t really be called a Reuben.

The verdict:  the food is pretty tasty, albeit a little more pricey.  However, if you like trying a variety of new foods (so fun to share!), this is a good option in Berlin.  For more information check out the website:

Safe travels and happy eating!


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