whatever pickles your fancy

It is about the end of the growing season here in eastern Germany.  The hours of sunlight are rapidly diminishing and there is a crisp chill in the air.  I personally don’t mind.  I like cooler weather.  I like people better in jackets and pants than in shorts with butt cheeks hanging out or naked in the park.

Still, I cannot help but to feel a tinge of melancholy when I think about not being able to eat fresh foods straight out of the garden.  Luckily, thanks to a cheap box of jars, I was able to preserve much of this years bounty that would have otherwise gone to waste.  It was definitely time-consuming and I had a few problems, but as far as I am concerned it was totally worth it.  In fact, I am hoping to do more next year.  I just need a bigger pot!


As I am by no means an expert in canning, I made sure to use proven recipes (my desire to contract botulism is non-existent).  In fact, I even added extra acidity to every jar, just to be safe.

Here are the recipes that I ended up using the following:

Green Tomato Salsa Verde

Dill Pickles


Yellow Pear Tomato Preserves

Apple Butter

Basil Garlic Tomato Sauce

Extra Smoky Tomato Jam

Plus, I canned several jars of apple sauce and whole/diced tomatoes.  It was amazing to see just how many tomatoes fit in one jar.  For now, we can simply enjoy the effort from the past growing season.  Lucky us.


So, tell me.  What are your favorite canning recipes and do you have any tricks and tips for easier canning? 

After all, it is never too early to start planning for next year!I


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