2015 harvests

I am still quite in shock at how well the garden did this year.  I did invest a fair amount of time and effort, but I really thought that I would have had a lot more problems and a lot let success.

late potatoes, peaches, apples, etc.

This is especially true since I spent part of June in the hospital and was forbidden to go in the sun for several weeks afterwards.  The biggest issue I had was with late blight, but it sounds like it is a universal problem here in Germany, so pretty much everyone uses a greenhouse.  We are planning to build the foundation for our (my!) greenhouse on Sunday.  I am soooo excited.  I feel like a small child waiting for Christmas to come.  I am, however, not a small child.  I am a plant obsessed adult who wants to start here own small horticultural business and conduct research on bio-intensive growing practices.  So, I consider my excitement to be a teensie bit more practical (if excitement can be considered practical).

harvest 2015 (2)
early potatoes 

Anyways, about the harvest.  I can tell you that it is October and I still have at least 20 kilos of potatoes left, a whole basket of onions (about 50 onions) and a bunch of herbs that I dried.  Plus, I dried the corn that we could not eat in time which I will then grind up to make corn flour for homemade tortillas.

onion harvest
about half of the onion harvest. next year I want to plant more!

I also canned 30 kilos of tomatoes, an untold number of apples and peaches, and 8 jars worth of cucumbers.  We have jars full of dried beans (and it would have been more, but I was not tall enough to harvest some of them and the pods got wet before I had a chance to take the trellis down, so they got moldy).

White Beans
white beans!
Harvest 3
we had to pick lots of green tomatoes before they were affected by blight. lucky for us, salsa verde is delicious!

As the garden was a bit more successful than I was anticipating, we were not able to eat some of the things fast enough.  There were just so so so many zucchinis that eventually I could not look at them anymore. So, some of them went into the compost.

delicious grapes that should have been made into wine : (

There were also too many grapes for us to manage in such a short period of time while moving, so a lot of them went bad.  I feel really bad about it because they were really beautiful grapes.  I need to buy a means to make wine for next year.  We of course also gave a whole bunch of other stuff away.

this cucumber was as long as my arm!
this cucumber was as long as my arm!

Now the garden is pretty much closed up for the year, although I still have red cabbage, leeks, carrots, kale and root celery that can be harvested.  That will be a nice treat in the winter when most of the produce available in the supermarkets comes from Spain or the Netherlands where everything is grown hydroponically and has no flavor.  And I saved enough seeds that I should only have to buy the new varieties that I want to test out.  I guess that means I am already starting the countdown to the next growing season!


13 thoughts on “2015 harvests

  1. HOLY GUACAMOLE! Look at all those taters and apples? If you don’t mind me asking, how big is your garden/ what is your set up? SO jealous you are building a greenhouse – that’s phenomenal. Good luck! I’d call it pretty successful year 🙂

    1. I have a garden with 14 raised beds. 8 are 1.2M x 1.5M and 10 are 3M x 1.2M. However, I will set them up differently next year. I found accessibility to be an issue. I am practicing bio-intensive companion planting, but to be quite honest, I am sort of making it up as I go along. Still, like you said, I had a pretty good harvest. I grew 50 – 60 kilos of potatoes in about 40 square feet. I will have to see how it goes next year. Stay tuned for more growing excitement. Lol. : )

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