beans, beans the magical fruit

Ah the wonderful process of photosynthesis. Without it, we wouldn’t be here today. Nothing living would be here. The earth would be just another rock with barren and a non-solar powered landscape. Like many gardeners, I have been basking in the bounty produced by this chemical wonder. In fact, I have finding that many of the things in the garden are growing a bit more intensely than I had anticipated. (see: Nasturtiums Will Take Over Your Garden)

August has been the month of beans.

I first enjoyed young and tender great northern beans. The ones that did not get gobbled up while they were still stringless

great northern bean & morning glory plants
great northern bean & morning-glory plants
beans on plant
great northern beans

Then the Kentucky Wonders came in.

the beans on the trellis are so tall I have to use a ladder!
the beans on the trellis are so tall I have to use a ladder!

The baby Lima beans are just starting to produce pods. They had a rough start because the potato plants completely crowded them out.

I harvested the black beans last week.

black beans
each pod produced approximately 6 beans

At first I thought I would be disappointed in the harvest, but I harvested enough black beans for 3 meals for 2 people from 32 plants in an 8sqft/.75m2 space.  I also have enough leftover beans/seeds for next years plants. I am unsure if this is a good harvest because I did not harvest the beans in regular intervals.  I let them flower, produce pods and then dry on the plant.  However, I have always heard that beans should be regularly picked to encourage more flower production.  I tried the young beans, but they did not really taste very good and I have little use for undeveloped seed pods.  So, I may have hindered my harvest.  At least I the produced pretty purple flowers for about 3 weeks..

bean plant flower black
purple black bean flowers

All in all the beans taste like green mouth magic. Every time I walked by the bean bed, I eat a handful.   I can really taste the difference between the beans I eat from the stalk and the ones from the market. I feel a bit guilty admitting it, but sometimes I can’t actually taste the difference between farm/garden fresh and supermarket. Beans are a distinct exception. They will be grown again (unlike peas – too much work for my taste).

bean trellis 31 july 2015
bean trellis and corn bed on the 31 july 2015

Fun Fact: the roots of beans contain enzymes that fix nitrogen from the air. This makes them the perfect companion plant for heavy feeding plants. Corn is a classic example.


6 thoughts on “beans, beans the magical fruit

  1. Gorgeous beans! This was the first year I grew beans – just four bush green bean plants (Jade variety; started from seed). They yielded so many more beans that I was expecting; it’s been wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I am still in shock that everything in the garden grew. And congrats on your bean success. I had never heard of jade beans before I read your comment, so I googled them. They sound like an excellent bush bean to try out next year. So, thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    1. Thanks! They (the beans) seem pretty happy. And maybe the produce tastes the same, but at least we know where it came from – or at least that is what I tell myself. Haha. Have a super Sunday!

  2. Glad you’ve had success with your beans. Long may it continue! Here in the north-west of England we’ve had what you might call challenging conditions this summer – rain, cold winds and far less sunshine than normal. Only the broad beans and dwarf French beans grown in our polytunnel have done really well this year. Our runner beans are just beginning to come on stream six weeks late – and our climbing French beans have been a total disaster. Having put out their first pair of leaves, they then decided it was far too cold to climb their supporting poles, so just stayed as they were for a month, then gradually died off, despite my best efforts to encourage them with liquid fertilizer. The joys of gardening!

    1. Less than ideal weather can be really frustrating! But, two sorts of beans is still great and maybe the French beans were just saving their energy to do something awesome in the near future. I will cross my fingers for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend!

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