livin’ in a garden paradise

So, I have officially eaten things that were grown in my garden.  I can just wander into the backyard, pick some herbs and fresh lettuce or spinach and make a fabulous sandwich.  I used some of the very spicy radishes in a potato salad.  It is freakin’ awesome.




The nasturtiums are popping up through the garden.  I am looking forward to eating a flower (as weird as that may sound).


The potatoes have all sprouted, minus one plant.
Still, I have faith because the potatoes here grow like weeds.


The red cabbage is getting really big.
I cannot help, but to wonder if I planted them a little too close together.
Only time will tell.


I did not harden off some of the plants well enough and there are some seriously sunburned plants.
Shame on me…


One tomato bed waiting for the flowers to germinate.
I think there are marigolds and nasturtiums.


The broccoli is doing well so far and the potatoes are also quite vigorous.WP_20150515_08_10_07_Pro

There is also wild lettuce here and there.
I love food that grows on its own!


Now I just have to convince my partners parents that not all “weeds” are bad and everything does not have to be in perfectly neat rows.

Wish me luck and have a great day!


3 thoughts on “livin’ in a garden paradise

  1. Awesome! I agree about the neat rows. My hubby is very A type, orderly. He hates that I can hang a picture without a level and tape measure….😏

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