your last meal

Not sure about you, but watching snails was never really high on my list of things to do.  They don’t really appeal to me the way that a puppy, a cat or even a fish do.  Still, I couldn’t help myself as I spotted what could only be described as a small nest of snails tucked away in some overgrown weeds that were being ripped out.  As it turns out, they are actually interesting creatures. Too bad they are also simultaneously evil garden destroyers or I might let them stick around.

The getaway


Trying to escape from my wrath…


   Too bad they don’t stick to weeds…


A few interesting facts about snails:

  1. The common garden snail has 1472 teeth – all located on its tongue.  No wonder they cause such serious damage to garden plants.
  2. Snail slime is often used in cosmetics.
  3. The digestive secretions of the garden snail are effective in the treatment against stomach ulcers.

Some tips/tricks that may help against snails:

  1. A cup of beer strategically placed will lure them to their boozy death (I know, it can be hard to share).
  2. Salt will kill snails as a result of osmotic pressure (it will also hurt your garden plants, so be careful!).
  3. Hand picking them off plants and killing them.  The crunch is not an enjoyable sound to hear, but sometimes it has to be done.

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