it must’ve been wiiiiild potatoes, wild wild potatoes

It is hard to admit it, but I really like country music.  Well, country music from the late 80’s – mid 90’s.  I love me some Tanya Tucker, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Mary Chapin Carpenter (to name a few).  One particular song, “Wild Angels” by Martina McBride is also a good one.  It also happens to be a song that I could just not stop thinking about as I ripped up a whole mess of wild potatoes in the garden.  I just happened to change the words from “wild angels” to “wild potatoes”. It must’ve been wild potatoes

Wild, wild potatoes

Baby what else could it be?

Lame, I know.  Sometimes the brain works in mysterious ways.

But, all joking aside, it is really amazing how aggressive the plants are.  I purchased black garden fabric and the potatoes and dandelions are the only plants that continue to grow without light.  I was worried they might rip a hole in the fabric before I had a chance to rip them up.

WP_20150509_16_49_18_Pro Luckily for me (and my beau), the plants are also pretty productive for a “weed”. Last year I harvested probably 7 pounds and this year I already have already dug about 1 pound out of the ground.

WP_20150509_16_53_11_ProNow, I just have to wait for the potatoes that I actually planted to sprout.  It sure would be ironic if they did not grow, but the wild ones from years before did…


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