this restaurant is older than my country

My partner and I tried to go on a bike ride through a Nature Park on Sunday.  The problem is in Germany a Nature Park can also be inhabited by humans, so one never really knows what they are getting into before setting out.  That is one thing that I really miss about home.  What I would give for a national or state park where there is actually nature and not rows and rows of (practically) identical houses. I had to use a photo editor to actually make any of the pictures I took interesting. fotor_(32)[1]Oh well.  At least there was food.  Food makes everything better and this particular food was served at a restaurant founded in 1732.  What does that mean?  First of all, it means that the restaurant is older than the United States.  Secondly, they have had awhile to perfect their recipes and perfect them they have.

I ate schnitzel with asparagus and potatoes (it is asparagus season here in Germany, so it is everyyyyywhere…happy dance!)

WP_20150503_14_30_53_Pro[1]My partner had European goulash with potatoes and red cabbage.

WP_20150503_14_30_23_Pro[1]It was magical.  And boy am I so much friendlier when I am well-fed.  So, if you ever happen to be in Heidesee, Germany – check this place out.  Really.

A Brief History of the Restaurant (Gasthaus Kober)

One Half of the Daily Menu

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