such a busy little piece of land

Going to the garden today.  It will be my first time there alone is almost a month (we have had lots of helpful hands).  I am so looking forward to the peace and tranquility – even if it may dip down to freezing tonight.  I will bring an extra blanket and wear an extra sweater.  The potatoes must be planted, along with the rest of the onion bulbs, some carrots, radishes and beets, as well as some flowers that I couldn’t decide where I wanted them.  Then things need to be painted and organized.  There is so much to do, but I welcome the chance to pour all of my energy into something other than thinking about how dissatisfied I am with my current quality of life in Berlin.  Na ja.

This is a comparison of the ghetto cold-framed bed from last week to this week (right is this week).  Everything is doing quite well – especially the radishes and the onions.  I am so looking forward to eating the first harvest.


I secretly think that my partner’s mother randomly planted pansies throughout the garden.  They are not my favorite, but I am pro-flower, so they can stay.


The strawberries are growing.  I cannot wait to make some strawberry shortcake.  Mmmmm!


These little fuchsia beauties are growing in the big ugly tire need the entrance.WP_20150425_15_27_23_Pro

 The grapevines are starting to bud.  This year they will be taken care of.  Hopefully, they will produce enough grapes this year to make a bottle or two of wine.  WP_20150425_15_56_53_Pro

A new variety of tulips are growing.  I am still amazed that they grow all by themselves.WP_20150425_15_26_33_Pro

The sweet cherry tree is in bloom.  I am so happy it is not a sour cherry tree.


There were some old toilet tanks in the back shed.  Instead of throwing them away, I filled one with catnip and the other with a few strawberries and a few bulbs.  I also bought some stevia last week.  I hope that the low temperatures don’t kill it.


Lots of random little blue flowers that I had previously thought were weeds.  Nature sure does have a way of surprising us.


I allowed the kale plant to overwinter.  Now it is blooming.
I am looking forward to collecting the seed pods to save for next year!!


Several pea plants have sprouted.  I love how easy-to-grow they are.  Always consistent.


The red cabbage is looking very strong, as are the leeks.  The spinach has sprouted (lower right hand) and so have two arugula plants (upper right hand).


And then there is this bed which is home to salsify, some onions, spinach and a several lettuces.  It does not look like much yet, but most things have sprouted, so within the next month I may be able to harvest a few things.



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