the asparagus…it’s growing!

About a week or so ago I wrote about planting asparagus roots.  I was not expecting that I would see any progress so soon, but there are several little asparagus spears growing.  I literally did a happy dance when I discovered them on Saturday.  Now, I just have to keep them alive.  They are currently growing in small trenches and from what I have read, as the spears grow, they need to be covered in more dirt (not unlike potato plants) until the trenches are filled.  The growing space also needs to be diligently weeded because the plants HATE competition.  There is also the minimum one year wait period before any of the spears can be harvested.  That’s okay.  I am pretty sure it will be worth the wait.



12 thoughts on “the asparagus…it’s growing!

    1. Is the soil there sandy? Is the asparagus white or green? And, did you know that only about 1/4 of the world’s population can smell the compounds responsible for the interesting after “scent”?

  1. What great tips for growing this wonderful spring vegetable. I love asparagus, and I wish you a very, very green thumb for your first harvest hopefully next year!

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