so, i planted asparagus

There are now 20 asparagus crowns nestled in the soil.  They are a German variety called Schneewitchen.  It is highly recommended for home gardens.  I am quite positive that the plants will grow.  I did a lot of research, followed the planting directions, and planted healthy roots in well-amended soil.  Still, I could be wrong and the plants could all die.  Afterall, it is my first time growing it.  However, my partner’s stepfather said there is no way that I can expect anything.  I really want to prove him wrong…

2 Packages of Asparagus Plants


Healthy Roots

WP_20150418_10_33_44_Pro For each row of 10 plants I did the following:

I dug a trench 10 feet/3 meters long and 1 foot/30 centimeters deep.

Once it was dug, I added compost to the hole and covered it in a bit of soil.

WP_20150418_10_28_33_Pro I then placed the plants in the soil with the bulbs facing up and the roots spread out.


(pay no attention to the finger!)


I then filled in each trench with an additional 4 inches/10 centimeters with a mixture of compost and soil.

WP_20150418_11_21_14_Pro WP_20150418_11_21_18_Pro

After that, I watered and now I have to wait.  From everything that I have read, it is very important that I keep the trenches weed-free while the plants are establishing themselves.  Asparagus is apparently quite sensitive.  I am planning to use my black garden fleece to cover the un-planted area and white spring garden fleece to cover the rows where the roots are planted.  This year I will not be able to harvest any asparagus.  It will be a long time to wait, but it should be worth it, as asparagus can grow for 20+ years.  One more step towards reducing our dependency on the traditional food system and permaculture.  Yippee!!!

Wish me luck and if you have any asparagus growing tips, advice, failures and/or successes, please share with the class. ; )


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