24 hours in szczecin , polan

My beau and I recently visited szczecin, Poland.  It is located in the Northwest region of the country on the Oder river and is a very important and old seaport.  It was my first-time in Poland (minus a 5 minute trip across the border just to say I had been in Poland).  I cannot say that I was blown away, but it was a nice and inexpensive place to spend the night.  I would imagine that it is also much nicer to see when the grass is green, the flowers are bloom and the leaves are on the trees – although that can be said of many places.

My first Polish sunset

I was, however, really intent on eating real “live” Polish pierogies.  The were quite good, but nothing like the boiled and then fried in butter with onions pierogies that what I was accustomed to eating in New York.  Instead, the first batch that we ate at the first brewery (I also made it a point to try a variety of Polish beers) were made with a yeast dough and baked.  I ordered the 3 cheese version with a cranberry dip.  My other half order ones that were meat-filled.  Neither of us were overjoyed.  I was also not very impressed by the meat platter that I ordered and would not recommend it to anyone else.  The beer was also nothing remarkable.  I drank the Pilsener and he had the Hefeweizen.  All together for 3 beers, a meat platter, a goulash soup and 2 plates of pierogies, cost about 25 Euros.  Not bad, but not someplace we would go again – even if it is pretty cheap.

cheese pieorgies
Cheese pierogies
meat plate
Meat plate + beer

We wanted to see some music, so we grabbed a taxi to the Free Blues Club (it is not actually free).  We paid $10 Euro each for entrance and drinks were strong and cheap.  The music was fantastic and the night would have been really great had we not touched on a subject that is best broached while sober.

The following day we walked the tourist route through the city and saw a whole bunch of historically relevant buildings and monuments.  They weren’t anything to write home about, but nice to see nonetheless.

1000 year old wall
1000 year old wall!
A random shark statue hanging
My favorite statue that we saw
They know what’s up in Stettin

After that, we went for a tour of an army bunker from World War II.  The propaganda was cool to see and there were some very interesting pictures.  I had a hard time being in the bunker for only a few hours.  I cannot imagine having to live there.  So thankful that I must not (two cheers for peace!).

quotes bunker wall
Unexpected quote from Benjamin Franklin in a Polish bunker
treason is bad
Spreading rumors is treason…
The enemy sees your light…be dark!

After our walk, we decided that we needed to warm-up, so we stopped for lunch in the other brewery in Stettin.  This one was very good.  I had borscht for the first time and we both ordered pierogies (again).  These were boiled and then covered with melted butter and bacon.  The beer was a bit dark (i.e. tasted like coffee) for my taste, but my travel companion enjoyed it.

browar polski
Brewery #2
Pierogies take #2
Pierogies take #2

We ended the trip by walking through a park filled with very old and beautiful trees and visiting the auto museum which was extremely cool.  In fact, albeit its small size, the museum was one of the coolest I have seen in a longtime and it only cost about 2€ to get in.

Panzer…looks very cute and happy despite being a tool of war

All in all, it was a nice weekend trip.  I do not think that we will be going back, but it was nice to have the time together and see/taste/hear new things.  Looking forward to the next adventure, though!


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