raised beds

I kept hearing really good things about raised beds.  They are said to protect against hungry critters, enable gardeners to more easily access plants and save space.  While there is enough space in the garden to garden in rows, these benefits seem pretty significant, so I have decided that I would give them a try.

beds4On Saturday, I bought 30 3m long boards and 20 2.5m.  The 2.5m boards were cut to 1.2 each (4 feet).  20 of the 3m boards stayed intact and the other 10 were cut in half.  With these boards, I constructed 10 raised beds that are 1.2m x 3m (4×10) and 8 that are 1.2m x 1.5m (4×5).



With the garden fabric protecting the clean soil from seeds, the beds sort of look like graves, but I would rather have raised beds that look like graves than raised beds filled with seeds. I overestimated the length of the garden on one side, so there are a few boards leftover, but I can always use the wood for something else…

When all of the space is added together, I have approximately 560 square feet to garden in.  This will be a lot of work, for sure, but I could not be more excited.  The garden plans are almost finished.  The weather is warming up and broccoli, Brussel sprout and onion seeds have sprouted.  Now, I just have to add the coconut coir I bought for moisture retention, wait for the compost (about 3 tons!) and perlite, and I should be ready to rock-and-roll.  Hopefully, the hard work with pay off.




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