the countdown begins!

seedtrayMy anticipated planting day is May 17.  That means that it’s time to start some seedlings!  With the garden being so big, even when I include a spot for relaxing in the shade and in the sun, this means starting a lot of seedlings. I also want to try to sell some of the heirloom plants that I grow, so I am planning to start 288 seedlings. Here is the break-down:

  • 96 Tomato Plants: Tumbling Tom, Yellow Jellybean*, White Wonder, Cherokee Purple, Manitoba, Yellow Pear, Golden Jubilee, Mr. Stripey, Green Zebra, Striped Cavern, Tomatillos and Oxheart  * Not sure about this type because it is a hybrid – something I did not realize.
  • 75 Onion Plants: Walla-Walla, Spanish White and an Italian variety from a friend of mine, spread between 8 starting squares
  • 72 Herb Plants:  lots of borage (it is supposed to be really good with tomatoes), basil, oregano and marjoram. I already have a fair amount of thyme, lavender, laurel bay, lovage (I hope) and savory.
  • 36 Leeks: spread between 4 starting squares
  • 40 Flower Plants: with lots of Nasturiums and Marigolds
  • 12 Ancho Pepper Plants: which are practically impossible to get in Berlin
  • 8 Eggplants
  • 8 Broccoli Plants
  • 8 Bell Peppers
  • 8 Sweet Peppers
  • 8 Banana Peppers

The plants that will be directly sown are as followed:

  • Potatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Beans: Cowpea, Black Turtle, Romano, Blue Lake, Great Northern, Baby Lima
  • Peas: Early Alaska
  • Corn: Bantham
  • Carrot: White Lunar, Tendersweet
  • Radish: Cherry Belle
  • Beets

As of today, I have successfully planted the peppers, onions, broccoli and leeks. I used a normal seed starting mix.  At one point in time, I read that one is supposed to soak the mix from the bottom before adding the seeds.  I tried this, but it did not work particularly well and ended up using a measuring cup.  I wanted to start the Brussel sprouts, but as it turns out – I do not have any seeds! I also wanted to start more seeds today, so that everything would not have to get dirty twice. However, I thought that I could use disposable grill pans as a base for the seed trays. This is not the case because they leak water. This also means a trip to the garden section at the hardware store tomorrow. On a positive note, the heat mats that I ordered are nice and warm, so the mini greenhouses are toasty.  I can’t wait to see how it all germinates.



Lastly, I was investigating my orange plant today and it appears that there is a few orange plants growing directly out from the orange!  Crazy!!



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