the 2015 gardening experience

Yesterday the sun was shining.  Today the sky is an ugly, dismal gray.  I am mad because the KingSoft software program that I use on my Android device for writing documents deleted my work. I had just the right words and now they are gone.  My favorite friend is going away for four months on Tuesday.  Boo.

But, I was able to visit the garden for the second time yesterday.  The never-ending gray melancholia, better known as German winter, was very mild which means that I am able to work in the garden earlier.  This makes me very, very happy.

The ride into Brandenburg was quite beautiful.  There was lots of sunshine and plenty of swans, geese, ducks, storks and cranes to see.  The late morning hours were, however, cloudy and cold.  Luckily, the sun came out in the afternoon and I was able to accomplish a fair amount of things.

There were some unexpected visitors in the front yard…lots of them.  Adorable yellow and white flowers.

white flowers

yellow flower

The herb garden fared relatively well.  I think the Lovage may have died, but I will give it a few more weeks before I declare a loss.  It may just be a bit slower than the other plants.

front herb garden

The mint plant survived.  Better than the pot, I would say.

mint in pot

The blueberry plants made it – all three and they are already budding.

blueberry buds

A few colorful kale plants made it through the winter.  I plant to eat it at some point in time and sooner is probably better than later, but for now I let the plants be.  It is nice to see something other than dirt and garden fleece.

surviving kale

I was so mad at myself when I was working on of the beds.  I thought I had found a big mat of weed roots.  As it turns out, it was the chives.  I could have screamed.  Luckily, they are pretty tough plants.  I am hoping some will pull through.

dug out green onions

Last year, I wrote about using garden fleece in an effort against weeds.  I am extremely pleased with the results.  With the exception of a few corners and the holes the (a!”§$%&/) neighbors burned in the material, the soil looks great.  I plan only to make borders for the beds and add compost and coconut coir and they should be ready for planting.  clean soil

In the spirit of recycling and saving money, I am using this reclaimed metal frame for a place for the peas and then the beans to climb.  I decided to use laundry line as a climbing medium because it is durable and inexpensive.  I let the bottom part simply hang because the plants will naturally search for something to hold onto.  Plus, it has a little give for when it is windy.  However, I did not think it through and the line should have been hung before the frame went in the ground.  Oops.GetAttachment.aspx

Yesterday, I was also able to dig out a bed for early vegetables.  I am using the old windows that were lying around as protection for the plants.  I was planning on using white garden fabric, but my plot is wider than the material, so I divided it in half.  Hopefully, it works.  I have never had a cold frame type place before.

early bed

I ended up planting 2 sorts of spinach, radishes and carrots, as well as arugula, beets and onions.  I am trying to stagger the plantings, though.  I do not want 50 beets at one time.  Although, I am trying to start a small produce business.  I am also trying out a hybrid version of the square foot garden.  I feel confident, but we will have to see.

early seeds in bed2

Last weekend I was also able to dig out a spot for the asparagus, but I do not think that it is big enough.  I think it needs an additional foot in width.  Right now it is 3.5 feet wide.

asparagus bedAnd yesterday, I was able to plant three more raspberry plants.  Now I have four.

raspberry bushesThe one I planted last year was already sending up new canes.  I was not really concerned because berry bushes grow like out of control monsters.  Regardless, I find it all super-duper because I want lots of delicious berries.

new canes on berry bushes

And, I dug out a big juicy grub to offer the bird that was visiting me.  I tossed it on the pathway hoping he/she would see it.  Unfortunately, the bird preferred a big juicy earthworm.  It was pretty graphic.  That is definitely not how I want to go.  Still, I have been home for only about 12 hours and I am already looking forward to next weekend and more gardening adventures.


3 thoughts on “the 2015 gardening experience

    1. You are so right! The warm sun tricks us into thinking it is later in the season than it actually is. Ah well, “real” summer will be here before we know it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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