meatball kebabs!

There are instances when I am feeling both hungry and lazy at the same time.  More often than not my laziness stems from a lack of desire to do the dishes (and we have a dishwasher).  My choice to consume primarily homemade, unprocessed foods only serves only to complicate the situation.  And, I highly doubt that this problem is unique to me.

I was experiencing this conundrum a few weeks ago when I was hungry and craving something tasty.  I pondered what I could make that required dirtying as few dishes as possible.  My first thought was grilling.  Grilling is amazing.  I can often get away with only dirtying a cutting board and knife.  I was hoping for the same results.  I meandered to fridge.  Hamburger, peppers and onions.  I could have made burgers, but we eat a lot of burgers and I wanted something at least a little bit different.  Then I remembered that I had a whole slew of kebab skewers leftover from a big barbecue.  Eureka!  SHISH KEBABS!  Then I started to worry.  Would the meat stick to the skewers or would it fall through the grates on the grill?  The only logical solution that I could think of was to give the meat the meatball treatment by adding an egg, bread crumbs and a splash of milk to increase the structural integrity of my creation.  And it worked!  After chopping the onion and peppers to the proper proportions, I rolled the meat into balls (seasoned with garlic and italian seasoning), put it all together on a stick (which meant handheld food, no plates or silverware!) and brushed the veggies with sunflower oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I turned the grill on and 15 minutes (approximately) minutes later it was time to eat.  So, if you happen to be hungry, have some hamburger, an egg, bread crumbs, veggies and no desire to do a lot of dishes* – this may be the culinary solution to all of your problems.

Mmmm meatball kebabs!

Uncooked meatball kebabs




Meatball kebabs (4)

* I ended up using a cutting board, knife and mixing bowl.  It was worth it.


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