the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire (not really)

rooftop view of garden

They say that nothing in life is for free.  In the case of our garden, this is  unquestionably true.  We did get the space for nothing, but it means that there is a boatload of work that must be done. Last weekend installing a new roof was the task at hand and let me tell you, here in Germany it is done in a much different way than in America.

My confusion began when my guy asked me if there was still gas in the canister for the grill.  I inquired as to whether we were planning to barbecue.  He told me no, we need it for Dach decken and looked at me like I was the one who was crazy.  This was not resolved until the following day when I got a first hand glimpse into the wonderful world of German roofing.  It begins with huge, heavy rolls of roofing material that are rolled out on the roof.  A giant blowtorch is then used to slowly melt the Dachpappe (roof cardboard) onto the roof surface.  Now that I think about it, it is seemingly simpler than how roofing is done in the United States with shingles.  Then again, I do not think that I would want to hang out on a roof with a big blow torch.  Better to leave it to the professionals!  My tool of choice was a camera.

The finished results should ensure that we are nice and dry in the bungalow for the next 20 years which is good because the project was not cheap.  It would have been much more expensive had we not had the help of very kind friends.  Friends are really nice to have.  It is an added bonus when they are trained in a trade.  Next weekend we are planning to have a lot more friends to help with other things.  Lucky us : )

blow torch and dachpappe

laying the dachpappe

backside roof

finished dach decken


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