If the German government were a person, I would punch him in the face (der Stadt = masculine).  I have been trying to get a freakin’ visa since the 30 of April.  Of course, I have a temporary visa.  However, it is completely useless.  I cannot work, get a bank account, or any other important thing that normal people do.  Not only that, but every time that I go to an appointment, the requirements for a practical visa (to study/work part-time) changes.  Last time it was tax information for my guy that states that he is financially responsible for me.  This time they want me to have a savings account with $8,040 Euro.  How the heck am I supposed to save money if I am not allowed to work?  Now our options are to either get married or to find $8,040 Euro.  I could also go back to the US.  These options are not really ideal.  It isn’t that I am not in love, this just isn’t how I pictured getting married.  And if we want to get the money it means asking other people for help which pretty much means they own my @ss.  I am also just getting the hang of being here and do not really want to go back to New York.  So, today just sucks – especially because I really thought today would be our day.  Now I have to wait more than a month for another try.  Maybe it is just a sign.  I don’t know.  Regardless, German bureaucracy sucks.  I should just pop out 6 babies, apply for welfare and leech of the state for the next 20 years.  At least then I would have a visa. 


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