rain, rain go away

Yesterday was very rainy and not very warm. In turn, I did not really go out with the exception of an unsuccessful trip to the Baumarkt where I learned that I am going to have to pay (a lot) more for the flooring than I had originally intended. Not the ideal situation to say the least. There is also the issue of the plastic that must go under the flooring and the wood pieces that are used against the wall that make it look nice (excellent terminology, I know). Maybe I will tile the floor. Perhaps, that is cheaper.

Homemade coconut milk

But, about the lazy day – I learned how incredibly easy it is to make coconut milk, as I did not feel like making the 300 meter journey to the store. Lucky for me, my guy has an unusually large supply of coconut flakes in the cupboard (reasons unknown). I simply put equal parts flaked coconut and boiling water in a pot, let the mixture seep for 4-5 minutes, mixed with an immersion blender until frothy, strained the concoction through a cheese cloth, and voilà – coconut milk! It saved me the long journey and $2 Euros, all while making our curry dinner possible.

Blossom Graveyard

The Lone Jalapeno

And today, the garden is a sad graveyard of dropped blossoms.  I had hoped that the new fertilizer would have a more immediate effect, but that is not the case. Approximately, 10 blooms have fallen – some before they even had a chance to full develop. This is incredibly frustrating because Ihave a serious craving for hot peppers that are simply not available here in Germany. Not only that, but the Whiteflies are still here, the soap spray that I used appears to have burned a few of the leaves of both tomato plants, and the Black Krim plant is still not producing anything resembling a tomato.  Still, I have to remain positive because there is 1 whole jalapeno growing and I let the oregano plant flower, so lots of bees have been visiting. Not only that, but no one ever said that gardening was easy.

As for the job search, I am happy to report that I have written a ‘website’ in German offering my skills as an English tutor. I am sure that it still requires revisions, but it was a nice feeling to be able to write so much in German. It gives me a little bit of confidence that I could actually work here in Germany in a professional setting. To further my skills, I would like to take a course that offers training in professional German. Individuals are required to complete a consultation to ensure that they can speak German well enough before registering for the course However, the VHS in Friedrichshain is on summer vacation and I cannot seem to get in touch with anyone about making an appointment.

Another Catch 22.

At least this time it does not come as a surprise.

I am also trying to write cover letters in German, but am feeling unmotivated because I have already had several employers who were ready to give me work change their mind when they find out that I need special paperwork for Arbeitserlaubnis (work permission). Of course, I understand and respect the need to ensure the livelihood of German and EU citizens before those of an American. However, I am an intelligent individual that has a lot to offer. In fact, I miss working. Having so much freedom is only fun until it’s not anymore. I am at that point. Plus, I want the cats to come to Germany, but if I am not sure that I can financially care for them and the future is still so uncertain, so it really is not fair to them. The trip is stressful enough on a human who can get up and move around. It would be 15 hours in a cat carrier with two cats. The more I think about it, the more selfish it sounds.

Ah well. Hopefully, I can go to a friend’s this morning to get my pants shortened and ask for a bit of advice. Maybe even eat something tasty for breakfast.

Until next time…

Sincerely Yours,

the transplanted gardener(in)


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